Top 5 remarkable web design tips to make website

When we talk about website design, there are many more options, directions and styles where you can take your website on a different level, with a classy minimalistic look.

While designing the website your personal style works best for your brand identity, and few basic principles that are always applicable.

A website needs to have a design that feeds into your website’s user experience, functionality, and appropriately complements your content, making things easier to understand at first glance, below we have given five simple steps.

Web design tips for remarkable website.

  1. Design your website minimalistic and cluster-free look.
  2. Implement visual hierarchy in your website’s design
  3. Make your website content easy-to-read
  4. Ensure your website is easy to navigate.
  5. Stay mobile friendly

Design your website minimalistic and cluster-free look.

First impression matters: Always grab the attention with your website homepage. Your homepage should communicate a message to every visitors what your business actually does. Then rarely, people read every word on a website. Any website visitors have a short attention span! Where, visitors quickly scan the page headings, sentences and images. With this known behaviour of your website’s users, understand the importance rather than word count.
Only few visitors go through the site, they’ll appreciate your effort, engage with your content, and come back to visit your page again and again.

Few of these essential website design tips will help you to break up your content and create presentable, inviting website homepage:

1. Keep your most important content above to the fold:

Any visitors should understand what is all about your website, without struggling to find information about your website.

Power of whitespace: Apply whitespace between design elements, by leaving some areas space blank; this will give your website a spacious and well-balanced feel. Present your information in bite-sized chunks, for better readability. One idea per paragraph.

Add imagery:Adding those high-quality media features such as beautiful photographs, gorgeous vector art images, will do wonder as alternative ways to communicate your point.

Include call-to-action: Making a purchase to signing up, placing calls to action button on your website homepage encourages visitors to perform the action you have designed. Always include a call to action at least once on each page.

2. Implement visual hierarchy in your website's design

Visual Hierarchy is one of the most important principles of good web design that helps to exhibit the content in an effective manner. Follow the correct use of hierarchy; then, you’ll be able to lead website visitors to approach and guide them to desired actions in order to priority.

The main factors of visual hierarchy are:

Size and weight: highlight your most important information, such as your business name and brand logo, every visitors notice larger elements more visually looks outstanding. The most important elements first is visitors naturally gravitate towards large and bold titles then move on to read paragraph text.

Placement with a grid: The layout of your website plays a important role which drive your visitors in the right direction. You can place the call-to-action button more visible area, or position your logo on the top of your landing page.

Contrast, Color and Spacing: This elements draw greater attention to bring visitors where its matter more.

3. Make your website content easy-to-read

“Readability” measures how easy a particular piece of text to read for people to understand words and phrases. The faster users are able to effortlessly scan and read on your site; then, automatically your website readability also will be high.

Here are a few basic rules to achieve effortless readability.

Color Contrast: Sufficient color contrast makes text color and background color is important for readability, as well as website accessibility. While your website color schemes matter as they represent your brand, Ensure there is enough contrast color between your elements. To do so, you can also try using online tools for better understand.

Importance of font size: Start with headings in a larger font that are scan able so that the users can quickly decide to read, and ensure that your text is readable on all screen.

Choose the right font: Pick the perfect font style to design your website, font always deliver both look and feel to your viewers instantaneously, so it is really important to choose right font for your website.

Limit your font: don’t use more than three different fonts makes a website look unstructured and unprofessional. Keep in mind that too many type sizes and styles at once can also ruin any layout.

Utilize text theme: Headers play an important role in structuring your website’s content, make sure that your written content should in different size and weight from top to bottom. Follow the content hierarchy to give a perfect look for your website and these important tips always grab the reader attention.

4. Ensure your website is easy to navigate.

Website navigation makes it easy for your visitors to find what they want and for search engines to crawl; you must make it easy for visitors to flow from one page to another without frustration.

Boost your traffic and page ranking

Link logo to the homepage: Giving your website a professional looking touch to promote your brand, make the logo clickable on your website can redirect visitors to your homepage. A symbol made of text and image that identifies your nature of business.

Website menu structure: Build a clear hierarchy structure, an important piece in web design. The menu has a fundamental role in adapting visitors within a website content. If you are opting for a classical horizontal menu, hamburger menu or anything else, your website menu should be outstanding and easy to find. Ensure that, you have to structure your website menu according to the importance and relevant to section.

Work on footer: Footer is one of the most important locations on your website to add all important website links, Social media, contact information.

Include vertical navigation:Understanding the browsing habits of smartphone users or other handheld devices; it’s a good idea to use an anchor menu. With one click, this allow users to target a specific section of the page, another versatile option to consider sticky “Back to top” button which leads to users to the top of the page.

5. Stay mobile friendly

Every visitor should be able to enjoy your professional website content, a responsive web design that works on any device. When you are creating a website webexpertshop automatically creates mobile friendly website.

Go to your mobile version website; put yourself in the place of user, and start testing every page of your website, user action and buttons.