The e-sports industry is growing at a very fast pace. The global audience of e-sports fans has already reached impressive size: only in Russia has it crossed the 12 million mark and continues to attract more and more. The growth rate of this audience varies depending on the market, but on average is about 20% per year. No other sport can boast of such indicators, and this attracts many sponsors, such as specifics of e-sports are such that if, for example, in football, a fan sees the sponsor’s logos on equipment, on the field, and on screens, then in e-sports 95% of the screen is occupied by the game itself. On the one hand, it becomes more difficult for sponsors because they have to be smart in order to attract attention. But on the other hand, activation strategies are becoming as interesting as possible. And the eSports audience is grateful for this innovation.

A good example of this innovation is the campaign that McDonald’s staged in Copenhagen, creating special banners with phrases from the game Counter-Strike. For example, “Eco Round” was written over a hamburger, and “Full buy” over combo sets. Esports fans have unmistakably learned the terms from Counter-Strike. This simple action enthralled them. Thus, the company showed that it can and wants to speak the same language with them.

The core of the eSports fans audience is young people. And young people always show great involvement, and in e-sports this involvement is the highest – according to a Nielsen Sports study, 90% of the fans play themselves. There are no such indicators in any other sport. While more mature fans often refer to “couch fans” who want convenience and quality entertainment, then the young audience is “followers of fashion trends” and “sports experts” *. They have their own opinion about sports and clubs, they pay attention to sponsors, look at which brands athletes choose and treat this choice as a personal recommendation. Typically, this is a group of men and women with relatively higher incomes. Such fans grow and develop with the industry.

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